25 August 2010


Ok so I never got around to putting up my layouts yesterday. But I have taken the time out to put some up today.
I am not sure if any of these layouts were originally for a challenge so if anyone thinks they look like they were meant to be from a challenge could you please let me know so I can give credit to whereits due.
Thanx for looking:)

24 August 2010

My poor blog. I just realize I havent posted on here for 4 months! I have been sooo busy with renovating the house. I had to pack all my scrapbooking stuff away for what felt like forever. I have now got it all back out again and have done a few layouts. Our house still has abit of work left. we have done the lounge room and the bedrooms, now we need to finish of the rest of our house! My goal for today is to upload some photo's of the layouts I have done. my camera is broken so I have to use the one on my mobile so you will have to excuse the bad quality pics. Tfl